Thursday, 9 January 2014

Kindle Romances: Mint Juleps and Justice by Nancy Naigle

Kindle Romances

Title - Mint Juleps and Justice
Author - Nancy Naigle
Stars - 4

Mint Juleps and Justice:
Brooke had a foul divorce. Anxious to get away from her spiteful ex-husband, she moved to Adams Grove, Virginia. When someone gets into her home, she speculates that her ex is responsible. With no proof and little support from the police, she hires a private investigator - whose rugged shoulders and striking eyes make her hesitate over her resolve to keep away from relationships forever.

After years in the military, Mike finally returns home, to start life again as a private investigator. When Brooke arrives in his office, something is stirred that he hasn’t experienced for years. Will the agony of the past, and the threat loitering in the present, terminate their new beginning?
Mint Juleps and Justice (Adams Grove, #5)
Mint Juleps and Justice is a pleasant read. Sometimes you need a conventional love story to get you through a wet day and this book did that for me.

The writing is smooth and keeps you effortlessly involved. Overall, it's a nice, stress-free read. It's about genuine people, with a heartfelt rapport and authentic problems that can only be conquered together.

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