Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Kindle Romances: Spontaneous by Brenda Jackson

Kindle Romances

Title     - Spontaneous
Author - Brenda Jackson
Stars    - 4

Kimani realises has problems the moment she sees the 6'4" of scrumptious male. Duan is the ideal gentleman, charismatic, thoughtful, and the best bed-partner she's had. It’s a shame that this enchanting man is just a one-night stand.
However, Kim needs a partner to her mother's wedding. Duan is prepared to play the role of her fiancé, provided it comes with full advantages. Additional mind-blowing sex? This is an advantage not a predicament.

The problem is, Kim discovers that Duan has his own itinerary. Logic warns her to be wary yet the carnal rush in her veins is very compelling....
Spontaneous (Jeffries, #3)
Spontaneous is an outstanding romantic suspense that demands attention from the moment Kimani mentions the name of the man her mother is to marry. Is he a just an unfortunate husband.

The storyline contain plenty of romance and mystery - very seductive. The writing is good, descriptions authentic, and dialogue rich. An interesting book.

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