Thursday, 2 January 2014

Kindle Romance: Better Than Chocolate by Sheila Roberts

Kindle Romance

Title     - Better Than Chocolate
Author - Sheila Roberts
Stars    - 4

Better Than Chocolate:
It seem as though the bank are about to take the beloved chocolate company from the Sterling family.

Samantha Sterling knows the town won’t be the same without the celebrated family treats, but it is going to be a real challenge for her to save it from default. The future of the company lies in the hands of her nemesis, Blake Preston, the bank manager with shockingly good looks.
But Blake is about to persuade her there’s something even better than Sterling family chocolates.

Better Than Chocolate is a frothy, charming, contemporary romance. You’ll have a good time tracking the ordeals of Samantha as she toils to rescue the family business. The story is full of delightful chocolate, hard-hitting business, failings, passion, amusement, and hoping for things to come true.

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