Friday, 22 August 2014

Kindle Romances: Away From Him by Kaelyn Swan

Kindle Romances

Title     - Away From Him
Author - Kaelyn Swan
Stars    - 4

Away From Him:

Billy spends time with offenders that most would be nauseated by.
Melanie searches for good in Billy, and reveals a bond between them that neither comprehends. Melanie believes things happen for a reason; Billy thinks the world is out to get him.

When Melanie sees him at his worst, her image of him is devastated. His conduct makes her question whether she can tolerate him in her life. Is their bond strong enough to survive or will their relationship be destroyed?
Away From Him

From the start, there is chemistry between Billy and Melanie and it's easy to empathise with them and understand their fascination. The story does contain steamy scenes, but they are not excessively graphic.

The plot advances in a rational way and flows well making an easy read. The dialogue is realistic and the characters sympathetic. Overall, Away From Him is an enjoyable read.