Monday, 27 February 2012

Irresistible Forces

Kindle Romance book review

Author - Brenda Jackson
Title     - Irresistible Forces
Stars   - 2.5

Irresistible Forces:
Of the business suggestions financial tycoon Dominic Saxon has ever heard, an offer of a week of astonishing sex on a picturesque Caribbean island is the most tempting. All Taylor Steele wants in return is for Dominic to father her baby. No obligations, just an equally rewarding arrangement. For a man with no aim of marrying, it sounds perfect.

Taylor is desperate for a baby, but not a long-term association. Handsome and brainy, Dominic seems like textbook genetic material. Their "procreation vacation" is a tumultuous round of sensual pleasure. However, at the end, will either of them be able to say farewell?

Irresistible Forces missed the mark for me. I became weary of reading how gorgeous, impeccable, and rich they both were, and how much they desired each other. There was no hint of a relationship emerging, and to be honest I can’t help being puzzled that Dominic can carry on lovemaking all night like superman.

Although the writing in Irresistible Forces is passable, the information dump can be off-putting. The dialogue isn’t too great but goes with the book.

Friday, 24 February 2012

A Lady By Chance

Kindle Romance - book review

Author - Cheryl Bolen
Title     - A Lady By Chance
Stars   - 3.5

A Lady By Chance:
Manoeuvred into a marriage of convenience to demonstrate their nationalism, Anna and Charles, doubt each other's loyalties. However there is little doubt that Anna has bewitched the influential Marquess of Haverstock who is now her husband, and little doubt she yearns for every moment in his arms.

A Lady By Chance is a reasonable example of writing, yet disappointing that Anna is too silly to be able to side-step the tricks of the anti-hero.

Perhaps Anna also needs better characterization to give her a more sympathetic personality. Her silly behaviour doesn’t really help the plot. However, A Lady By Chance is an interesting book, and worth a read.