Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Kindle Romances: The Collector by Nora Roberts

Kindle Romances

Title     - The Collector
Author - Nora Roberts
Stars    - 5

The Collector:
When Lila is eyewitness to a murder from her house-sitting job, her life turns upside down. The lady who shuns permanent relationships finds herself almost coveting one.

Ashton knows his brother isn’t violent. He enlists Lila, to help him uncover what really happened. Ash, an artist, aches to paint her as much as he wants to hold her. However, their inquiry introduces them to a fraternity where antiques are bought, and stolen, and where a craving can become a lethal fixation.

Although a catastrophe throws them together, Lila and Ash unexpectedly discover each other. Their relationship is charming and amusing – the repartee and twists slip into a love story that is definitively Nora Roberts. The Collector is a book that you will probably read cover to cover without putting down. A master writer.