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Kindle Romances: Single By Saturday by Catherine Bybee

Kindle Romances

Title     - Single By Saturday
Author - Catherine Bybee
Stars   - 5

Single By Saturday:
Karen married a film star, yet she is the one playing a part - of a contented wife. Twelve months ago, she consented to marry a famous actor to stop speculation about his homosexual private life.
Now, her divorce is looming, together with a five million dollar pay-off for her trouble. However, as she gets ready to bow away from her bogus marriage, her stunning brother-in-law walks through the door…and straight into her heart.

Zach barges into Michael and Karen’s elaborate anniversary party, intent on finding out about the wife his brother withheld from the family. However, chemistry flairs the instant he and Karen meet. When the celebrated couple elect to visit the whole Gardner family, Karen is obliged conceal Michael’s furtive secret in the presence of his inquisitive relatives, including Zach, the man who is fast becoming the genuine passion of her life.
Single by Saturday (The Weekday Brides, #4)
Single By Saturday is a satisfying read with convincing characters and a distinctive storyline. Karen has all the traits of a lady, elegance, good manners, and decorum She steers through the various domains with comfort. Each character in the book impacts on the story which is quite unusual. Zach is an remarkable central character, in the worthiest way. Well worth a read.

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