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Kindle Romances: Highland Surrender by Tracy Brogan

Kindle Romances

Title     - Highland Surrender
Author - Tracy Brogan
Stars    - 4

Highland Surrender:
In order to hang onto a tenuous peace, Fiona’s siblings offer her hand in marriage to their opponent. Though shocked by their treachery, she has to agree otherwise her young sister will be forced to take her place. The strong-willed Fiona is prepared to surrender her independence to safeguard her clan, but she swears she will never sacrifice her heart.

Myles is used to getting his own way. However, when the Scottish king orders him to marry a rebellious Highland girl instead of his French lady, Myles conforms. When he lays eyes on his bride, he is happy to find she is a real Scottish beauty, but she rapidly demonstrates that she would be as happy to take his life as kiss him.

Furious emotions and obsessive behaviour, stretches the bonds of family integrity, and clan allegiance to breaking point.
Highland Surrender
Highland Surrender effortlessly transports you back to a time of covert political manoeuvres. If you enjoy a story that holds your attention with a vigorous and exciting plot, this historical romance will not disappoint. It certainly has the potential to keep the reader stuck between the pages. Recommended.

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