Sunday, 26 January 2014

Kindle Romances The Ex Games 3 by J.S. Cooper

Kindle Romances

Title     - The Ex Games 3
Author - J.S. Cooper
Stars   - 3.5

The Ex Games 3:
Katie made a blunder that lost her the love of her life. Now Brandon has returned and it appears she is about to shell out for her earlier mistakes.
When Katie eavesdrops on a confidential discussion, she realizes she had no notion how mysterious things were. She accords Brandon one last opportunity to prove his true feelings, but when he breaches her faith, she doesn't believe she can exonerate him.
However, Brandon discloses information that spins her head and now she's not sure her world can ever recover
The Ex Games 3 (The Ex Games, #3)

This is the concluding book of a three part mini-series.

 You will probably adore and despise Katie and Brandon with equal fervour. Their relationship is constructed on a series of lies, yet you will continue speculating and craving until you finally grasp why they do what they do to each other.

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