Monday, 6 January 2014

Kindle Romances: April's Fool by Blanche Marriot

Kindle Romances

Title - April's Fool
Author - Blanche Marriot
Stars - 4

April's Fool:
In a moment of melancholy self-indulgence, April Vaillancourt constructs a fake wedding album. However, she inadvertently loses it after a girl’s night out and it somehow ends up on the desk of Michael, the astonished, fake groom. He tackles her about it, and she's confronted with either revealing the truth or living a lie.

Michael is an investment consultant on the verge of taking charge of the business. His well-ordered life is shaken when April's hoax wedding album turns up on his desk. Determined to question her for the shameless incursion, he searches her out. April’s elusive behaviour fascinates him, and he finds himself wanting to spend more and more time with her, and he begins to question his life.
April's Fool

April’s Fool is an amusing read. It begins with an outlandish April joke that gets zanier.
It is a brisk, quirky story; charming, a little foreseeable in places, but it didn't take way from the enjoyment. There is no offensive language in April’s Fool, no sex, just an upbeat heart-warming frothy story.

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