Tuesday, 29 May 2012


Kindle Romance

Author - Karen Rose Smith
Title     - Heartfire
Stars   - 3

Tessa, a celebrated journalist, is falling in love with her best friend's husband all over again! Tessa and Max dated before he met Leslie. But then Tessa left with secrets and dreams to follow her career, and Max married Leslie.  Max was overwhelmed when he lost his wife, and mother to his son.

Tessa and Max are searching for love but the little boy who clutches his own secret. They could be a real family if they could all be honest with each other. Passion has been burning for years. Can it lead to everlasting love?

 Product Details

Heartfire is a sweet romance about closeness, love and searching for happily-ever-after

Heartfire has a good plot, but somehow lacks that special spark of emotion. There was little passion in the story, so if you’re looking for steam, look elsewhere. Heartfire is a sugary story, but unsurprising.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Kindle Romance FREE

Kindle Romance - Free book

It's always good to get something for free. It doesn't happen very often, except on Kindle. As most of us know, every day we can find something new to choose from, and today is no exception.

The book that hits the mark for us here on Kindle Romance is Arousing Caitlyn.

Arousing Caitlyn is steamy, hot, yet has a real feelgood factor. Just the thing to put you in the mood for that special moment.

Arousing Caitlyn is free on 23rd 24th & 25th May 2012. So waste no time, go out and download a copy right now.
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Monday, 21 May 2012

Arousing Caitlyn an Adult Contemporary Romance

Kindle Romance - an erotic romance

Author - Ellie Jones
Title     - Arousing Caitlyn
Stars   - 5

Arousing Caitlyn:
Thirty-two-year old Caitlyn is mindful that Liam is nine-years her junior, and that their love affair most likely cannot last. In the meantime, to demonstrate her merit, she is determined to match the nimble, sun-tanned, deities they meet on vacation. However, things don’t quite turn out the way she expects…

Product Details

Arousing Caitlyn is a progressive romance full of scorching sex that is guaranteed to make your toes tingle. The dialogue is spot on, the storyline credible, and you easily identify with Caitlyn and her emotions. Arousing Caitlyn is about sex, fragile relationships, and life, but has a real feel-good factor to it.

Ellie Jones is fast gaining a reputation for writing emotionally-packed sexual romances and Arousing Caitlyn is no exception.

A good beach read, and at $0.99 it's well worth taking a chance on.
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Saturday, 19 May 2012

All Of You

Kindle Romance
Author - Kelsey Maxwell
Title     - All Of You
Stars   - 4 

All Of You:
Sukie has got over breast cancer, a change in jobs and survived a neighbourhood of nosy people.

Will she be able to live through the agonizing lure of the local hockey hero who has been in possession of her heart since childhood? Can she survive the one night of passion they’ve promised each other, without getting hurt?

Product Details

All Of You is not built on bizarre situations or intricate plot lines; it is just good old fashioned romance with tasteful sex.
The dialogue of All Of You is realistic and character development good. Most characters are quite well portrayed, but Sukie comes across as a person you want to hold in your arms and make your best friend.

All Of You is a feel-good story that you will probably enjoy.

Monday, 14 May 2012

The Millionaire's Nanny

Kindle Romance

Author - Carol Grace
Title     - The Millionaire's Nanny
Stars   - 3

The Millionaire's Nanny

Maggie is resolved to be the textbook nanny, and gives her all. Nothing in the tuition at Nanny School prepared her for the child’s sensual father. Garrett is her employer for heaven’s sake and off-limits according to the Nanny Book of Unbreakable Rules.

She can handle any childhood crisis, but how can she preserve her distance when passion zings between them every time Garrett is close?

Garrett is angry at the nanny agency for sending Maggie. The last thing he needed was a beautiful woman in his house. He’d given his heart to one before, and he wasn’t going to let that happen again. However, Christmas is approaching and Maggie has already brought a cosy, womanlike atmosphere into his home and Garrett finds his self-control weakening.

 Product Details

The Millionaire's Nanny is a relaxing romance that is an okay way to pass a summer afternoon. Make ready for a pleasant read. 

The Millionaire's Nanny isn’t original, and you might guess how the story is going to end, but sometimes it's nice to read a love story from beginning to end and wish that these things actually happen. The characters are likeable and the dialogue realistic. In general, a gentle read.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012


Kindle Romance

Author - Bella Andre
Title     - Ecstasy
Stars   - 4

Candace, a new author of erotica, is delighted when Charlie, an experienced writer of the genre, consents to be her guide. Neither of them anticipated that Charlie's instructions would corkscrew into sizzling, hands on tuition. Regrettably, Candace's ruse about her new book, where Charlie is the central character, is about to jeopardize their one chance at true love.

Product Details

Ecstasy is an interesting read. The storyline is high-speed, with decent development of the central characters, and a valid plot. Most books in the erotica genre seem to be missing a plot, so it definitely scores well there.

Maybe Ecstasy should have been tagged as erotic romantic not just contemporary romance, but there again these sub-genres are notoriously difficult to nail. The problem is if sexy scenes or explicit detail is not your thing, you need to be aware that Ecstasy contains both.

Overall a decent read.