Friday, 10 January 2014

Kindle Romances: Reclaim My Heart by Donna Fasano

Kindle Romances

Title      - Reclaim My Heart
Author - Donna Fasano
Stars    - 5

Sixteen years ago, teenage Tyne severed all links and quit town under the spectre of a pregnancy. Now her son having hassle with the law, and she is frantic with worry. Getting in touch with attorney Lucas will rip open the past in ways Tyne couldn’t conceive.

Going back to the Delaware Indian community where Lucas grew up, Tyne and Lucas are tantalized by the infatuation that devoured them as teens. Tyne remembers why she found this man so desirable, but there are skeletons in the cupboard, shameful decisions that cannot be repudiated. However, love is a formidable influence that could rebuild them, providing the truth doesn't tear them apart.
Reclaim My Heart
Not only is this story amazing but the protagonists grow throughout the story. The characters are endowed with imperfections like us all, and suffer experiences that are pertinent to just about everyone.
Reclaim My Heart will make you smile, laugh, and might even bring tears.
A good read.

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