Saturday, 28 January 2012

In the Closet with the Boss

Kindle Romance

Author - Kay Raines
Title     - In the Closet with the Boss
Stars   - 3

In the Closet with the Boss:
He was real eye-candy but was her boss. He rarely spoke to her until one office party she wearied of the frivolous happenings and decided to leave and get some work done.
When the boss finds her in the filing closet the relationship changes and passion starts to flow.


This book is an erotic romance - full of sexual content.

Many people have fantasies about their bosses. This is a story of boss finds girl and taboo sex takes place.

In principle, In the Closet with the Boss should have been a good story. However, in implementation, it fails to reach the standard I expect. It is a flawed book, doesn’t accomplish what might be envisaged from the product description, and writing is defective.

Basically, In the Closet with the Boss is a fun, short book if you can overlook the mistakes.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Ready For Romance

Kindle Romance

Author - Debbie Macomber
Title     - Ready For Romance
Stars   - 4

Ready For Romance:
When she was fourteen, Jessica was absolutely besotted with Evan but it was only teenage infatuation.

Ten years later, she's really in love with Damian his elder brother. The problem is every man jack, including Damian, considers she still hankers after Evan.

Ready for Romance is a pleasurable story, the sort you might read more than once. The ending is perhaps a little abrupt, it would have been nice to have had more minutiae and for it to have lasted a little longer, but other than that, it is worth reading.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Taming Mad Max

Kindle Romance

Author - Theresa Ragan
Title     - Taming Mad Max
Stars   - 3.5

Taming Mad Max:
Max, a NFL player for the Los Angeles Condors, believes he will die young because his father and grandfather both passed away at an early age. Thinking his life will be cut short, Max lives every moment to its fullest. For the same thing, Max also keeps away from close relationships.

Nutrition expert, Kari is hired by the NFL franchise to closely monitor Max for a couple of weeks and give him healthy-eating advice, and tips on cooking and shopping intelligently.

Kari must work with the guy she spent one spectacular night with during high school…the guy she pined after for way too long.

It’s a shame he doesn't recall her.

Taming Mad Max is an amusing and undemanding read. Characters are distinct and while unoriginal are still entertaining. The story is charming, and nothing about Taming Mad Max is excessively convoluted, which can be a boon at times. If you’re looking for a complex plot though, Taming Mad Max is not for you.

This book unfortunately requires further editing. There are a numbers of errors in the detail, for example the heroine's hair tone seems to change without notice. Notwithstanding, it is an enjoyable read.