Monday, 12 December 2011

Innocent To Naughty

Kindle Romance

Author - Kay Raines
Price   - $2.99

Innocent To Naughty
She is hacked off with not catching a man despite the fact she is told she is attractive. She has an urge to be feral, to have men desire her, and recruits her best friend Mike to help. However, her plan goes wrong and she finds herself in bed with a man. Will she regret it?

Innocent to Naughty is a short, love it or hate it book. Editing faults are numerous, and reading is difficult because of it. There are also problems with the way it is formatted within Kindle. This is a shame.

Sex scenes are steamy, but they don’t make up for poor grammar, and weak descriptions. Innocent to Naughty might have been more interesting had basic proofreading been applied.