Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Kindle Romance: 'Broken to Pieces' by Avery Stark

Kindle Romance

Title     - Broken to Pieces
Author - Avery Stark
Stars    - 5

Broken to Pieces:

Emily supposed it would be another carefree summer vacation at home. Nothing exciting ever occurred at the guest-house that her parents ran in the middle of Virginia. The problem is she never expected to run into Adam.
The enigma surrounding him draws her closer, and she anticipates getting to know the eye-catching outsider. The problem is her vacation is virtually over before it starts. A family tragedy obliges Emily to take over running the guest-house, forcing her to face her painful past.

Will a dramatic sequence of incidents turn them from each other, or will Emily and Adam rise above their splintered lives?

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Broken to Pieces is beautifully composed. The story is written in an appealing way that is uplifting, and at times even heart-breaking. The characters are lifelike, making you care what happens to them, the dialogue realistic. A good read.

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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Kindle Romance: 'Off Limits' by Sawyer Bennett

Kindle Romance

Title     - Off Limits
Author - Sawyer Bennett
Stars   - 4.5

Off Limits:
Emily’s goal is to become a better person. Away from the apron strings of her mother, Emily is savouring an authentic life for the first time, and is enjoying it.
Nixon has endured two violent tours of Afghanistan. He is now home, encircling himself in isolation to avoid the despairing guilt that weighs on him.
An accident throws Emily and Nixon together, and he discovers he is not in control of his own destiny. Besieged with his own demons, Nixon attempts to shield himself against the allure of Emily. He wants to make love to her, yet something holds him back.
Is Emily willing to have Nixon on his terms or can she reach the element of his heart that he keeps hidden?

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Off Limits is the story of a damaged man in need of love to restore him to health. The writing conveys emotion, passion, tears, and humour. The central characters are well drawn, with realistic dialogue. From the start the story draws you in to read more.

Off Limits is a sexy and moving book.

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Monday, 9 September 2013

Kindle Romance: 'The Other Side of Us' by Sarah Mayberry

Kindle Romance

Title     - The Other Side of Us
Author - Sarah Mayberry
Stars    - 5

The Other Side of Us:
Luckily, between Oliver and Mackenzie is a fence. Oliver's friendly gestures towards his new neighbour are met with a cool reaction, so he resolves to ignore her. He is there to get his life back on course and that didn’t mean trying to get on her good side.

However, his plans are thwarted, when his dog becomes enamoured with hers. After that, it doesn't take long for a potent chemistry to develop between Oliver and Mackenzie. They come to realise that initial thoughts are not necessarily the right ones. 

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The Other Side of Us opens with the central characters in anguish, but shows how to win through with the support of others.

The dialogue is convincing, the plot convincing, their worries believable. Sex in this book is steamy and explicit, leaving little to the imagination.

The Other Side of Us is a satisfying read, a decent romance.

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Sunday, 8 September 2013

Kindle Romance: 'Breathless' by Eve Carter

Kindle Romance

Title     - Breathless
Author - Eve Carter
Stars    - 3

Motocross rider Jesse knows how to prompt a reaction in people, but these days, it is often a bad reaction. Exasperated, injured, he rings himself with females, drink and drugs.
In Santa Monica, Jesse meets a woman who makes him think of abandoning his crazy lifestyle. The drawback is that stunning Niki Milani is not interested. Her past has left her emotionally unstable, incapable of depending on a man again.

Nevertheless, it is not in Jesse’s nature to give up. Blisteringly gorgeous, he is unwavering in his effort to show Niki that he is the one who can repair her heart.

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Jesse is scorching, the sex scenes sizzling, and the writing style easy-going. However I found I was able to predict the plot developments and I was a little disenchanted with the conclusion.

Breathless has the promise to be a good story but somehow it doesn’t quite seem to come off.
I wanted to enjoy the book but a few issues put me off. The dialogue is not quite believable and Breathless unfortunately has a few clich├ęs that need editing out.

Not a bad read, but for me it doesn’t quite make it.

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Saturday, 7 September 2013

Kindle Romance: 'Saltwater Kisses' by Krista Lakes

Kindle Romance

Title     - Saltwater Kisses
Author - Krista Lakes
Stars    - 4

Saltwater Kisses
Emma wins a vacation to a tropical island, but a last minute cancellation means she will be travelling alone. However, things change when a striking man walks into her life on the beach.
Jack believes a holiday on the island will be a good place to unwind, before taking command of his father's vast corporation. Emma has no idea who he is, so he decides to chance a complete break from his wealth.
Jack finds that he falling in love with Emma and she with him. When they take part in a make-believe marriage ceremony on the beach, they think it harmless fun. However, pictures of the ceremony are uncovered by the media, and everything changes.

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Saltwater Kisses is a different take on a well-known story-line. The dialogue is smooth, the plot believable, and the characters interesting. This is a well-written book with blistering love scenes.

Overall, Saltwater Kisses is an uncomplicated and enjoyable read.

Friday, 6 September 2013

Kindle Romance: 'A Beautiful Struggle' by Lilliana Anderson

Kindle Romance

Title     - A Beautiful Struggle
Author -  Lilliana Anderson
Stars    - 3

A Beautiful Struggle:
Katrina’s life is packed with university studies, training for triathlons and a casual job. There is no space in her calendar for a relationship, especially after the disaster of her last one.

She focusses on her job, education and working out - until the dynamic Elliot, a junior solicitor from work, pays special attention to her.

Katrina battles with her emotions and her intellect and has the dilemma of finding where her heart really sits.

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A Beautiful Struggle is an okay read, but not my sort of book. I have a few issues with the physical violence in it, and what I took to be the central male character suddenly becomes a secondary character, which I thought odd.

Notwithstanding, A Beautiful Struggle was reasonably paced with fair dialogue.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Kindle Romance: 'Crazy Beautiful Love' by J. S. Cooper

Kindle Romance

Title     - Crazy Beautiful Love
Author - J. S. Cooper
Stars    - 5

Crazy Beautiful Love:
Logan steals cars.
He's good-looking, knows what he wants, and doesn't get involved with relationships.

Maddie has a reckless quality. She's self-reliant, resilient, and goes helter-skelter after whatever obsesses her... and  Maddie is obsessed with Logan.

One auspicious night throws Logan and Maddie together and chemistry takes over. Maddie and Logan bond. However, when Logan finds who her family is, he wants nothing to do with her, yet realizes if he strings Maddie along, he can get the definitive payback for his own family.
...But then there is the passion. Logan has to determine whether vengeance is worth losing this chance at love.

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What is it regarding a dangerous male that turns women on? Crazy Beautiful Love is not a predictable story. There are a numbers of layers to Logan’s character. Even though he is a bad-boy, he is passionate when it comes to the welfare of his family; he has a tender side…and then there is sex. Crazy Beautiful Love is a hot book, an adult romance.
A good read.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Kindle Romance: 'Forbidden Disclosure' by Terri Marie

Kindle Romance

Title - Forbidden Disclosure
Author - Terri Marie
Stars - 4

Forbidden Disclosure:
Francesco is thinking of retiring and leaving his shipping conglomerate to his son Daniel. However, Daniel is engrossed in high-speed autos, and women.

Francesco determines to make his son grow up by exchanging his identity and moving him from his Manhattan apartment. Daniel's domain begins to crumble.

Sent to a small country town, stripped of his name and money, Daniel sets out to demonstrate to his father just what he can achieve. The problem is, he knows that if he fails, he jeopardies his chance of inheriting the shipping empire.

Country life doesn’t suit the decadent New Yorker, until he chances on a woman who disturbs his feelings. Katherine is attractive, bubbly, and has no plans of becoming involved with the stranger. Will Daniel gamble his future to unearth her?

Forbidden Disclosure is an interesting story with characters that are well developed. The book is an enjoyable read with a romantic end - one of those books that makes you feel good.

Monday, 2 September 2013

Kindle Romance: The Highlander’s Hope by Cali MacKay

Kindle Romance

Title     - The Highlander's Hope
Author - Cali MacKay
Stars    - 3.5

The Highlander’s Hope:
When Catriona unearths evidence of vanished highland riches, her best chance of locating them is to enlist the assistance of one of Scotland's most infamous playboys, Iain MacCraigh.

Iain is delighted he learns that jewels are concealed on his land, and it is a bonus that the historian looking for them is so attractive. The jewels could be the salvation he desperately needs.

When rumour grows about the jewels, they find they are not alone in the hunt. Time is short. Can they rely on each other, or will they lose the riches and a burgeoning love in the process?

 Product Details

The Highlander’s Hope is an agreeable read. It has a fairly foreseeable plot, but the main protagonists are appealing and congenial. There is conflict, passion, lust, and of course complications that are in the way to procuring the riches. The Highlander’s Hope is an undemanding book that won’t stress you out.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Kindle Romance: 'Surrender' by Ella Ardent

Kindle Romance

Title     - Surrender
Author - Ella Ardent
Stars    - 3.5

Mike is resolved to put his moments of decadence at the Plume behind him and to win around his cautious work-colleague Joanna. When he discovers that Joanna intends to live out her sex-slave dream in the Plume, he asks his friend Rex to safeguard her there.

However, Rex believes that Joanna’s abandonment will guarantee his own. It appears that all and sundry will achieve their dream except Mike, but infatuations don’t always follow a planned course within the Plume

 Product Details

Surrender is short but reasonably good. It would be improved by  a professional edit as there are a few typos and grammar problems. Taken as a whole it is interesting and you become involved with the central characters. The imagery is acceptable, there is crisis, a small amount of romantic involvement, and a fair quota of sex.