Saturday, 29 October 2011

Eyes Of Jade

Kindle Romance

Author - Tess St. John
Price   - $2.99

Eyes Of Jade
Eve decides to step away from acting at the age of twenty-nine. After twenty years in the public eye, a painful divorce, and rehab, her idea is to start a new life.

When FBI Agent Jake arrives to interrogate Eve about a fire, they become targets of an assassin. Someone is trying to kill Eve. After a tragic engagement, Jake stayed clear of relationships, but as he and Eve wrangle to stay alive, she awakens his compassion.

Realizing she's tumbling for Jake, Eve is anxious in case the bond she feels between them is only imagined because of the extreme situation they are in. Asked to put on the performance of her life, she wonders if it will it be sufficient to keep them together; will it even be sufficient to save her?

In Eyes of Jade, Eve is naïve, at times too innocent. However, when she becomes the focus of a murderer, she responds with forte and panache.
Afraid to love again, Jake repels his feeling toward Eve. However her reliance melts his heart, and Eyes of Jade, keeps you turning the pages.

The unfolding narrative as Jake and Eve learn to trust each other has a real-life touch to it, and might even make you sigh.

Overall, Eyes of Jade is a feel-good story that will probably leave you wanting more..

Thursday, 27 October 2011

The Sinful Man

Kindle Romance

Author - Kay Raines
Price   - $2.99

The Sinful Man
All her life it has been understood she is to be a nun. In two weeks she is to take her vows, but for now she is still a novice. Life is just fine until something happens at the creek. She believes she is alone as always - but this time she is wrong. He is sinful and wants her.


First of all there are mistakes in The Sinful Man. The grammar needs a good dose of editing, the choppy point-of-view needs straightening, and it isn’t the best piece of literature you will come across. However, it is a popular book and has been so for quite a while.

The Sinful Man is short but it is only 2.99 and isn’t run-of-the-mill. If you enjoy love at first sight books, then this might be one for you. If you can overlook the errors, the story is quite good. 

I suppose the title sums it up - The Sinful Man is a love story that is both sexy and erotic.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Out of Time

Kindle Romance
Author - Monique Martin
Price   -  $2.95

Out of Time
Simon Cross has spent his life sidestepping passionate involvements. When a puzzling calamity transfers Simon and his assistant, Elizabeth, back in time, Simon finds the passion that he wasn’t even looking for.

In 1920s Manhattan, they discover there are more than hoodlums competing for power - cue for vampires to make an entrance. Can Simon and Elizabeth's emerging liaison survive? Will
they survive to make it back, or will they be forever out of time?


If Out Of Time had been solely a time travel story, I believe it would have been better for it. Around half-way through the book, the unexpected appearance of vampires seems to somehow contaminate the plot and the atmosphere is destroyed. The storyline of Out Of Time suddenly feels uncomfortable. It seems as if the author couldn’t make up her mind whether to write a time travel or vampire story, so tossed everything in to see what would happen. 

It's not that Monique Martin is a bad writer. She has talent, just that the subject didn't seem quite right. Out Of Time wasn't the book for me, maybe you will love it.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Cross My Heart

Kindle Romance

Title     - Cross My Heart
Author - Abigail Strom
Stars    - 4.5

Cross My Heart
Jenna isn’t in the market for love; in fact she’s preparing to move to a new job and new life in L.A., and is only back on home ground for the summer. Surely nothing could entice her to stay longer, not even the sexy neighbour.

Michael is reputed to be cool and remote, so why does his feisty neighbour animate him? The moralistic doctor has his hands full with a profession and teenage daughter, and even if he were looking for a relationship, he realises Jenna is all wrong for him. So why does being with her feel right?

Product Details

A number of authors let down their work with inferior writing, so it’s good to discover a good writer in Abigail Strom.

Cross My Heart is clever and amusing with a lot of sentiment. The 'steam content' of Cross My Heart is surely hot enough for anyone, the characters likable, and the driving force realistic. The author has a talent for natural dialogue, and the development of conflict is sexy and seamless. All in all, the hero comes across as sensual and credible, and quite makes the story stand out.

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Sunday, 23 October 2011


Kindle Romance

Author - Bella Andre
Price   - $0.00


Candace, a greenhorn at penning erotica, is elated when Charlie, a past master in the genre, agrees to be her guru. However, neither of them anticipates Charlie's instructions escalating from spoken instruction to blistering tuition. Regrettably, Candace's pretext about the new book she's writing, is about to jeopardize their one chance at true love.

The characters of Ecstasy are great. We have two individuals who have practically given up on love because of the fallacies about those who write erotica. Charlie and Candace come across as real people, with all the problems and glitches of real people. They seem warm and likable, just the kind of people you might include in your circle of friends.

Bella Andre's storyline of Ecstasy  is a fresh idea for an erotic novel that is plausible without making sex seemed affected. And the steam... well, that’s another thing! Sex was unaffected and impeccably disposed. The pace of Ecstasy  is varied, action surges and subsides quite naturally, and the twists are just about right.

Ecstasy has a good storyline, and is well written. Bella Andre has produced a good book and I recommend it.