Saturday, 18 January 2014

Kindle Romances: The Countess Conspiracy by Courtney Milan

Kindle Romances

Title - The Countess Conspiracy
Author - Courtney Milan
Stars - 5

The Countess Conspiracy:
Sebastian is dangerous. He’s a reprobate, but a well-read academic. When he’s not shocking ladies in bed, he’s offending genteel society with his scientific notions. He’s coveted, loathed, applauded, and reviled, but he jokes it all off.

Conversely, Violet, Countess of Cambury, is wholly upright and proper, and would rather remain that way. However, Violet has a skeleton in her cupboard that is potentially disastrous, one that bonds her to England’s most notorious scoundrel. Sebastian’s scientific concepts aren’t his, they are hers.

When Sebastian warns that he is about to suspend their age-old machinations, she decides she will do whatever is necessary to rescue their alliance, even if it entails unlocking her passions to the reprobate who could demolish her emotions for good.

The research and background to The Countess Conspiracy is excellent. The location is fascinating and the story full of historical facts

The storyline illustrates a woman’s struggle to square her devotion to science, with society's expectation of a woman in her position. It was both touching and refreshing. A good read.

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