Saturday, 29 October 2011

Eyes Of Jade

Kindle Romance

Author - Tess St. John
Price   - $2.99

Eyes Of Jade
Eve decides to step away from acting at the age of twenty-nine. After twenty years in the public eye, a painful divorce, and rehab, her idea is to start a new life.

When FBI Agent Jake arrives to interrogate Eve about a fire, they become targets of an assassin. Someone is trying to kill Eve. After a tragic engagement, Jake stayed clear of relationships, but as he and Eve wrangle to stay alive, she awakens his compassion.

Realizing she's tumbling for Jake, Eve is anxious in case the bond she feels between them is only imagined because of the extreme situation they are in. Asked to put on the performance of her life, she wonders if it will it be sufficient to keep them together; will it even be sufficient to save her?

In Eyes of Jade, Eve is naïve, at times too innocent. However, when she becomes the focus of a murderer, she responds with forte and panache.
Afraid to love again, Jake repels his feeling toward Eve. However her reliance melts his heart, and Eyes of Jade, keeps you turning the pages.

The unfolding narrative as Jake and Eve learn to trust each other has a real-life touch to it, and might even make you sigh.

Overall, Eyes of Jade is a feel-good story that will probably leave you wanting more..

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