Thursday, 27 October 2011

The Sinful Man

Kindle Romance

Author - Kay Raines
Price   - $2.99

The Sinful Man
All her life it has been understood she is to be a nun. In two weeks she is to take her vows, but for now she is still a novice. Life is just fine until something happens at the creek. She believes she is alone as always - but this time she is wrong. He is sinful and wants her.


First of all there are mistakes in The Sinful Man. The grammar needs a good dose of editing, the choppy point-of-view needs straightening, and it isn’t the best piece of literature you will come across. However, it is a popular book and has been so for quite a while.

The Sinful Man is short but it is only 2.99 and isn’t run-of-the-mill. If you enjoy love at first sight books, then this might be one for you. If you can overlook the errors, the story is quite good. 

I suppose the title sums it up - The Sinful Man is a love story that is both sexy and erotic.

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