Friday, 21 October 2011

Millionaire Dad, Nanny Needed

Kindle Romance

Millionaire Dad, Nanny Needed

Author - Susan Meier
Price   - $2.74
It seems no time since, Audra Greene is balancing budget sheets for her business, but now she’s swapping baby sheets for handsome millionaire Dominic.

Business mogul Dominic needs assistance with his recently orphaned nephew, and he knows just who to ask. He turns to dependable, responsible Audra. He knows his reputation will only break Audra's heart and that he shouldn't become tangled with hired help. However, each look, every single touch and each grin causes Dominic to want to swap nights out on the town for nights in with Audra and the baby....

A loving woman hurt by a man; a striking and wealthy man forced to grow up, a baby who needs a family, and you have a recipe for a story.

If you add a liberal helping of the 'don't want to fall in love' element, snooping friends and the knowledge that a woman's heart often softens when she sees a man grow to love a child, you have a formula for romance. This has all the makings of a sweet story, although an obvious one.

Unfortunately, Audra comes over as a gold digger, and Dominic seems to be a tedious playboy, who perhaps ought not to be settling down at all. Not to everyones taste.

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