Monday, 24 October 2011

Cross My Heart

Kindle Romance

Title     - Cross My Heart
Author - Abigail Strom
Stars    - 4.5

Cross My Heart
Jenna isn’t in the market for love; in fact she’s preparing to move to a new job and new life in L.A., and is only back on home ground for the summer. Surely nothing could entice her to stay longer, not even the sexy neighbour.

Michael is reputed to be cool and remote, so why does his feisty neighbour animate him? The moralistic doctor has his hands full with a profession and teenage daughter, and even if he were looking for a relationship, he realises Jenna is all wrong for him. So why does being with her feel right?

Product Details

A number of authors let down their work with inferior writing, so it’s good to discover a good writer in Abigail Strom.

Cross My Heart is clever and amusing with a lot of sentiment. The 'steam content' of Cross My Heart is surely hot enough for anyone, the characters likable, and the driving force realistic. The author has a talent for natural dialogue, and the development of conflict is sexy and seamless. All in all, the hero comes across as sensual and credible, and quite makes the story stand out.

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