Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Out of Time

Kindle Romance
Author - Monique Martin
Price   -  $2.95

Out of Time
Simon Cross has spent his life sidestepping passionate involvements. When a puzzling calamity transfers Simon and his assistant, Elizabeth, back in time, Simon finds the passion that he wasn’t even looking for.

In 1920s Manhattan, they discover there are more than hoodlums competing for power - cue for vampires to make an entrance. Can Simon and Elizabeth's emerging liaison survive? Will
they survive to make it back, or will they be forever out of time?


If Out Of Time had been solely a time travel story, I believe it would have been better for it. Around half-way through the book, the unexpected appearance of vampires seems to somehow contaminate the plot and the atmosphere is destroyed. The storyline of Out Of Time suddenly feels uncomfortable. It seems as if the author couldn’t make up her mind whether to write a time travel or vampire story, so tossed everything in to see what would happen. 

It's not that Monique Martin is a bad writer. She has talent, just that the subject didn't seem quite right. Out Of Time wasn't the book for me, maybe you will love it.

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