Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Caring For Eleanor

Kindle Romance

Author -  Sonia Rumz
Price   -  $2.99

Is it true that if we are abused, we turn around and abuse others? Not always. A story of courage, caring and starting over. Courage to face life, caring for others in the process and beginning again when all seems lost.
When Salma is assigned to Eleanor, she did not expect a life coach. Frail and sick Eleanor opens her eyes to truths that seemed to slip out of her own grasp.

Caring For Eleanor by Sonia Rumz

Caring For Eleanor is the 2nd novel in the Salma trilogy by Sonia Rumzi. The story shows how changes influence not only the person involved but each person around them. 
The writing is good, the story judicious, touching the heart of anyone who reads it.

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