Monday, 10 October 2011

Second Wind

Kindle Romance

Author - Dee S. Knight
Price   - $2.10
Rafe doesn’t expect to meet an attractive woman at the rodeo, but she catches his eye just before the gate opens for his bull ride. With just that one look, his thoughts turn to bed sheets, not sawdust-covered dirt.
Little does he expect a ride wilder than any bull. She snatches his heart and his hottest dreams and holds on tight.
Cathy half falls in love with the dashing cowboy after an impulsive weekend. After months of silence, he surprises her with proposal of marriage. It’s a shock to both of them when she accepts, and moves to his ranch in Texas.
However, they discover that passion by itself is not sufficient to support a marriage. Rafe’s pride and Cathy’s long hours at work generate distrust. Allowing their relationship a second chance will take a miracle.

Talking and trust is crucial in any relationship. Rafe and Cathy have neither. However, what they are short of in other facets of their marriage they offset with passion. They are hot together yet need to work on life outside the bedroom.
If you enjoy a good break-up and make-up story, look no further

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