Sunday, 23 October 2011


Kindle Romance

Author - Bella Andre
Price   - $0.00


Candace, a greenhorn at penning erotica, is elated when Charlie, a past master in the genre, agrees to be her guru. However, neither of them anticipates Charlie's instructions escalating from spoken instruction to blistering tuition. Regrettably, Candace's pretext about the new book she's writing, is about to jeopardize their one chance at true love.

The characters of Ecstasy are great. We have two individuals who have practically given up on love because of the fallacies about those who write erotica. Charlie and Candace come across as real people, with all the problems and glitches of real people. They seem warm and likable, just the kind of people you might include in your circle of friends.

Bella Andre's storyline of Ecstasy  is a fresh idea for an erotic novel that is plausible without making sex seemed affected. And the steam... well, that’s another thing! Sex was unaffected and impeccably disposed. The pace of Ecstasy  is varied, action surges and subsides quite naturally, and the twists are just about right.

Ecstasy has a good storyline, and is well written. Bella Andre has produced a good book and I recommend it.

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