Sunday, 1 September 2013

Kindle Romance: 'Surrender' by Ella Ardent

Kindle Romance

Title     - Surrender
Author - Ella Ardent
Stars    - 3.5

Mike is resolved to put his moments of decadence at the Plume behind him and to win around his cautious work-colleague Joanna. When he discovers that Joanna intends to live out her sex-slave dream in the Plume, he asks his friend Rex to safeguard her there.

However, Rex believes that Joanna’s abandonment will guarantee his own. It appears that all and sundry will achieve their dream except Mike, but infatuations don’t always follow a planned course within the Plume

 Product Details

Surrender is short but reasonably good. It would be improved by  a professional edit as there are a few typos and grammar problems. Taken as a whole it is interesting and you become involved with the central characters. The imagery is acceptable, there is crisis, a small amount of romantic involvement, and a fair quota of sex.

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