Saturday, 7 September 2013

Kindle Romance: 'Saltwater Kisses' by Krista Lakes

Kindle Romance

Title     - Saltwater Kisses
Author - Krista Lakes
Stars    - 4

Saltwater Kisses
Emma wins a vacation to a tropical island, but a last minute cancellation means she will be travelling alone. However, things change when a striking man walks into her life on the beach.
Jack believes a holiday on the island will be a good place to unwind, before taking command of his father's vast corporation. Emma has no idea who he is, so he decides to chance a complete break from his wealth.
Jack finds that he falling in love with Emma and she with him. When they take part in a make-believe marriage ceremony on the beach, they think it harmless fun. However, pictures of the ceremony are uncovered by the media, and everything changes.

Product Details

Saltwater Kisses is a different take on a well-known story-line. The dialogue is smooth, the plot believable, and the characters interesting. This is a well-written book with blistering love scenes.

Overall, Saltwater Kisses is an uncomplicated and enjoyable read.

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