Sunday, 8 September 2013

Kindle Romance: 'Breathless' by Eve Carter

Kindle Romance

Title     - Breathless
Author - Eve Carter
Stars    - 3

Motocross rider Jesse knows how to prompt a reaction in people, but these days, it is often a bad reaction. Exasperated, injured, he rings himself with females, drink and drugs.
In Santa Monica, Jesse meets a woman who makes him think of abandoning his crazy lifestyle. The drawback is that stunning Niki Milani is not interested. Her past has left her emotionally unstable, incapable of depending on a man again.

Nevertheless, it is not in Jesse’s nature to give up. Blisteringly gorgeous, he is unwavering in his effort to show Niki that he is the one who can repair her heart.

Product Details

Jesse is scorching, the sex scenes sizzling, and the writing style easy-going. However I found I was able to predict the plot developments and I was a little disenchanted with the conclusion.

Breathless has the promise to be a good story but somehow it doesn’t quite seem to come off.
I wanted to enjoy the book but a few issues put me off. The dialogue is not quite believable and Breathless unfortunately has a few clich├ęs that need editing out.

Not a bad read, but for me it doesn’t quite make it.

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