Friday, 6 September 2013

Kindle Romance: 'A Beautiful Struggle' by Lilliana Anderson

Kindle Romance

Title     - A Beautiful Struggle
Author -  Lilliana Anderson
Stars    - 3

A Beautiful Struggle:
Katrina’s life is packed with university studies, training for triathlons and a casual job. There is no space in her calendar for a relationship, especially after the disaster of her last one.

She focusses on her job, education and working out - until the dynamic Elliot, a junior solicitor from work, pays special attention to her.

Katrina battles with her emotions and her intellect and has the dilemma of finding where her heart really sits.

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A Beautiful Struggle is an okay read, but not my sort of book. I have a few issues with the physical violence in it, and what I took to be the central male character suddenly becomes a secondary character, which I thought odd.

Notwithstanding, A Beautiful Struggle was reasonably paced with fair dialogue.

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