Friday, 30 August 2013

Kindle Romance: Sexy Berkely by Dani Lovell

Kindle Romance

Title     - Sexy Berkely
Author - Dani Lovell
Stars    - 3.5

Sexy Berkely:
A long-distance love affair with a sizzling US entrepreneur is definitely not part of Beatrice’s plan when the day ends with her booking a last minute getaway to glamorous Southern California.
Bea's conviction is that long distance relationships never work, so how could she ever consider a spine-tingling introduction at 35,000 feet, It could lead to nothing other than a holiday romance.

Daniel is the smouldering bachelor, determined to prove her wrong.

 Product Details

Sexy Berkely is almost a love fest between the central protagonists. The sex scenes are steamy, the dialogue entertaining, but there is a definite overuse of the word 'baby'. Maybe a professional editor would have picked up on this and a few other typos. Despite this, it was a reasonable story.

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