Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Kindle Romance: 'Broken to Pieces' by Avery Stark

Kindle Romance

Title     - Broken to Pieces
Author - Avery Stark
Stars    - 5

Broken to Pieces:

Emily supposed it would be another carefree summer vacation at home. Nothing exciting ever occurred at the guest-house that her parents ran in the middle of Virginia. The problem is she never expected to run into Adam.
The enigma surrounding him draws her closer, and she anticipates getting to know the eye-catching outsider. The problem is her vacation is virtually over before it starts. A family tragedy obliges Emily to take over running the guest-house, forcing her to face her painful past.

Will a dramatic sequence of incidents turn them from each other, or will Emily and Adam rise above their splintered lives?

 Product Details

Broken to Pieces is beautifully composed. The story is written in an appealing way that is uplifting, and at times even heart-breaking. The characters are lifelike, making you care what happens to them, the dialogue realistic. A good read.

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