Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Kindle Romance: 'Forbidden Disclosure' by Terri Marie

Kindle Romance

Title - Forbidden Disclosure
Author - Terri Marie
Stars - 4

Forbidden Disclosure:
Francesco is thinking of retiring and leaving his shipping conglomerate to his son Daniel. However, Daniel is engrossed in high-speed autos, and women.

Francesco determines to make his son grow up by exchanging his identity and moving him from his Manhattan apartment. Daniel's domain begins to crumble.

Sent to a small country town, stripped of his name and money, Daniel sets out to demonstrate to his father just what he can achieve. The problem is, he knows that if he fails, he jeopardies his chance of inheriting the shipping empire.

Country life doesn’t suit the decadent New Yorker, until he chances on a woman who disturbs his feelings. Katherine is attractive, bubbly, and has no plans of becoming involved with the stranger. Will Daniel gamble his future to unearth her?

Forbidden Disclosure is an interesting story with characters that are well developed. The book is an enjoyable read with a romantic end - one of those books that makes you feel good.

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