Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Kindle Romance: Burn by Dawn Steele

Kindle Romance

Title - Burn
Author - Dawn Steele
Stars - 3

Abby has a history she does not intend to disclose to anyone, not even striking 21-year-old Devon.
When she ends in his doorway on a rainy night, penniless, losing blood and with burn marks on her hands, Devon takes her in. He nurtures, clothes and feeds her in a turn of events that changes their lives forever.

However, Devon, an artist during the day, is a hustler by night to make ends meet. His punters are assorted but very rich. A number of them are cruel, as shown by the scars on his torso.

Abby is carried into Devon's capricious world, but a disaster wallops them that neither could have forecast.

The central characters of Burn are shadowy and keep you turning the pages. They have mysteries but form an attachment with a rewarding relationship.

Burn is not about a strong heroine. Abby is a damaged girl on the run. The big problem is the plot seems to end in the middle of the story, presumably to encourage us to buy the next book.

There are a few editing issues, and some readers might be distracted by the unusual narration of 3rd person present tense. This is not a generally accepted format for romance - having said that, the meaning of ‘novel’ is something new. It might catch on.

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