Saturday, 5 October 2013

Kindle Romance: Tangled Beauty by K.L. Middleton and C.J. Pinard

Kindle Romance

Title     - Tangled Beauty
Author - K.L. Middleton and C.J. Pinard
Stars    - 4

Tangled Beauty
Sinclair believes she understands what she’s letting herself into when her homosexual friend, Jesse, persuades her to pretend to be his girlfriend during his parent's anniversary party. The problem is, she meets Reed, Jesse's older brother, and ends up getting more than she expects.

Reed believes his future is a forgone conclusion until he meets Sinclair. The primitive tension he feels is difficult to disregard. As he watches their subterfuge, he finds he needs to unearth more than their entertaining cover-up.

Product Details

Tangled Beauty is rather unexpected. This is not just a frothy story about Sinclair feigning a relationship with her homosexual, best friend Jesse, and instead tumbling in love with his brother. There is mystery, suspense, and a surprise ending.

An interesting read.

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