Sunday, 13 October 2013

Ain't Love Grand by Dana Taylor

Kindle Romances

Title     - Ain't Love Grand
Author - Dana Taylor
Stars    - 4

Ain't Love Grand:
Persephone Jones wants to prevent bulldozers from annihilating the herb garden she planted on neighbouring land. However, Jason Brooks is constructing a new house.

Persephone and Jason could hardly be more dissimilar. He is a defence attorney with loads of money; she, the illegitimate daughter of a flower child, selling herbal remedies from her small shop.

Despite her facade, Persephone doesn't necessarily follow hippie moralities. For her, sex signifies that marriage is a possibility. Jason feels otherwise, but as to be expected in this appealing account of contrary fascination, love will out.

Ain't Love Grand leaves you with a feel-good factor. The dialogue is realistic, the setting authentic. and emotions are tickled - you might even smile. A book you will probably want to read more than once.

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