Friday, 25 October 2013

Kindle Romance: Heavy Issues by Elle Aycart

Kindle Romance

Title     - Heavy Issues
Author - Elle Aycart
Stars    - 4.5

Heavy Issues:
Cole is not into relationships. With his brother's engagement sending local females into a frenzy he finds himself in a nightmare. However, when he discovers Christine is going to take on a gigolo to have expert sex, he decides enough is enough.

Christine knows the overbearing man will force her limits, and after struggling with her self-confidence, she isn't ready. Too bad he won't take no for an answer.

Cole is resolved to tear down her shield yet leave his own intact. When Christy finally recognizes she wants more, she doesn’t know whether to walk away, or break down his stupid protective wall and risk her heart.

Heavy Issues (Bowen, #2)

The sexual content of Heavy Issues might just have your pulse racing. It is quite scorching. Although Cole and Christine have an agreement for a sexual relationship, he unquestionably forms an emotional bond with her, so that she feels cherished and attractive. This in itself is quite a turn on.

Heavy Issues is simply a story of a couple in an embryonic relationship. There is no elaborate interweaving or incidents to the plot; it is about the developing rapport between the central characters. Sometimes, simple is best.

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