Saturday, 24 August 2013

Price of a Kiss

Kindle Romance

Title      -Price of a Kiss
Author  - Linda Kage
Stars     - 5
A hot relationship is the last thing on Reese’s mind when Mason enters her life. However, the attraction between them is incredible. Their desire defies common sense. The trouble is Reese finds Masson so hot it scares her. Being around him makes her feel more animated than she’s ever felt. She even enjoys squabbling with him. As far as she’s concerned he could be her soul mate...except for one small hiccup.... He's a gigolo.

Product Details

Mason and Reese are both very credible personalities with well-drawn characterization. Their passion is creative, dialogue believable, and the action certainly keeps you turning the pages.

Price of a Kiss could well be a book you read again.
A good read.

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