Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Kindle Romance: 'Rock My World' by Michelle A. Valentine

Kindle Romance

Title     - Rock My World
Author - Michelle A. Valentine
Stars    - 4

Rock My World:
Aubrey is wrongly dismissed from her job and asks for legal advice from her father, to see if she has a chance of getting reinstated. Her visit to the family doesn’t go as slickly as she expected when she brings home her boyfriend, Zach, lead guitarist in a band. She discovers that father doesn’t always agree with her when it comes to matters of romance.
When Zach meets her family, he’s confronted with his inner fear, that the love he so anxiously wants, he isn’t worthy of. Her father makes no effort to hide his contempt for Zach. However a surprising twist means that no one’s world will ever be the same.

 Product Details

Rock My World is a family drama, containing ex-lovers, emotion, steaming romance, demise, and love, all swathed in a feel-good book.
There are rockers with tattoos, but hearts of gold; strong, independent, women who make you want to chill out with them because they are just so with it; and of course, love.
Rock My World is worth a read.

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