Sunday, 25 August 2013


Kindle Romance

Title     - Faithful
Author - Kelly Elliott
Stars    - 4.5

Following the death of her parents, Heather refuses to let anyone get close for fear of being hurt again.
Heather is the girl of Josh’s dreams, but he is spurned by her over again.

When he finally gets close to her, they tentatively plan their future together… until there is a car accident.

Josh recovers consciousness with no memory of Heather, and his ex-girlfriend is his nurse. Heather must choose whether she’ll risk being hurt again or whether she’ll fight for the man she loves.

The problem is, will Josh remember Heather or will his ex-girlfriend  take advantage of the opportunity.

 Product Details

Josh is sexy, Heather, self-sufficient, and resilient. You feel all of their agony, delight, fury, and pleasure. These protagonists blend well with humour and energy. You feel transferred into their world as one of their friends. They are not faultless; they make mistakes but learn from them just as we try to in real life.
Faithful is a book to enjoy

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