Wednesday, 1 June 2011

An Unexpected Obsession

Kindle Romance 

Author - Heidi Hall
Price   - $2.99

Ava Scott lives a fairly private life. She is a popular author, and a college professor. Her life flows efficiently until Cameron saunters into her classroom.

Cameron Sloane is a movie star, and the newest phenomenon. He seems to have it all; good looks, celebrity status, women, wealth - so why does his life feel like just another film part? Will a casual meeting with a shy teacher, rouse his dormant emotions?

Can Cameron breach the meticulously fabricated walls that Ava has put up? Can Ava endure Cameron's awesome notoriety and having her life displayed in the tabloids? Will he find the life he never realized was all he really wanted? Will she discover a dream she has been too afraid to wish for?

Sex, tenderness, and duplicity, start with an unforeseen fixation.

** Warning from the author - This book contains erotic subject matter.

Heidi Hall
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Heidi Hall Description: skilled at constructing emotions in characters, and does it in such a way, that you feel them yourself. It is an amazing roller-coaster of a plot, and you will probably find it difficult to put down the book once started. Ms. Hall keeps you right on the edge of your seat with a need to find what will take place next!

A recommended read.

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