Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Desert Heat: Affairs of the Heart

Author - Kristie Leigh Maguire 
Price   -  $2.99

From the heat of the Mojave Desert to the brightness of Las Vegas, Marcie carves a path of emotion through the desert sands. Her affections are decimated as her yearning for her new boss turns intense, yet her love for her husband remains unwavering. How can she be smitten by another man when she is so in love with Steve? Can she truthfully be in love with two men at once?

Desert Heat isn’t an archetypal romance novel – it is diverse and peppery. Marcie is no shy lass yearning to be taken against her will. This is a world of sex and passion. Those who like stories with ‘steam’ will probably enjoy this.

The storyline is high-speed, and imagery first class. Sexual conflict festers between Marcie and Jim throughout, and it is surprising how they finally get together.
If you are looking for a different read, give Desert Heat a try.

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