Friday, 10 June 2011

A Touch of Heaven

Kindle Romance

Author - Lily Graison 
Price   - $0.99

Paige organizes a social event for her friends from high-school in tribute to their ten-year class reunion. However, arrangements go awry when an ad lib visit to an elite club starring the hottest male dancers in the country, is pencilled into the inventory. Pushed into joining in, she protests until she meets Simon - the main attraction.

When Simon peeps at the spectators before his act begins and sees familiar faces from the past, he has misgivings about taking part in the routine until he spots Paige. Realizing she won’t recognize him as the shy, awkward boy he used to be, he breaches house policies and hauls her to the stage during his act.

The excitement they engender doesn’t fade at the end of the act, what should have been a one-night stand turns into more.

Will Paige understand when she finds out who Simon really is or will the mystery he’s concealing cause the end of their relationship?
The book contains steamy sex scenes. However, it differentiates from erotica with minutiae, introspection, and characterization. Be aware that the unusual literature technique that Graison introduces at the end has not suited everyone – but novels are supposed to be different, isn’t that why they are called novels….

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