Saturday, 11 June 2011

The Best Revenge

 Kindle Romance

Author - Justine Davis
Title     - The Best Revenge
Stars   - 5

The gorgeous male visitor promises to help Jessa overcome Adam's father in the race for mayor. However, St. John's chase for vengeance seems too subjective for an informal relationship. Is it possible that St. John, and Adam, are the same person. If he is, will he disappear with Jessa's emotions a second time?

St. John comes back home with a fresh identity and a score to clear up. He isn't equipped for the passion that emerges when he meets Jessa. Can he allow her to get close again...and will it exterminate his devils?

This book transcended my anticipations. It is a remarkable story and a notable piece of writing. The only problem is it’s probably closing on the culmination of the series. All being well, Justine Davis will furnish something just as extraordinary to take the place of all the characters we've come to love.

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