Thursday, 2 June 2011

The Longest Night

 Kindle Romance

Author - Cindy Dees 
Price   - $3.44

Jake needs Shannon’s assistance to finalize his lethal assignment. Observing his objective from her apartment, the special-forces sniper isn't equipped for the passion that Shannon stirs in him, enticing him with her gentleness... and her innate sexiness.

Shannon came to St. George to disappear. She understands Jake is one of the good guys, but he won't let himself get close to anyone... until his cover is blown, sending them running for their lives. On the run, yearnings flare, unstoppable. Jake will unquestionably save her from jeopardy, but can she save his heart?

The tension in this story is awesome, with both central characters having histories that preoccupy them. There is a lot hanging in the balance, and as conflict and tension increase, you will not want to put this book down. It becomes a spellbinding, battle of willpower, whilst the good set against evil comes to an electrifying brink.

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