Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Newlyweds of Convenience

 Kindle Romance

Author - Jessica Hart
Price   -  $2.74

Mallory McIver assures her new husband that their marriage will be uninvolved and unemotional. There will be no untidy sentiments and emotions to bog them down.
However, when Torr reveals he's relocating to the Highlands of Scotland to renovate the derelict castle he's inherited, things begin to change. For a start, he expects Mallory to escort him....
When Torr exchanges suits for denims, Mallory is confounded. She married an urbane city type, yet in the wilderness he becomes masculine, competent and stunning. Mallory is horrified to find she is falling for her own husband! This completely flouts the terms she agreed to.

Hart satisfies all expectancy with this romance. Newlyweds of Convenience, takes place in a glamorized setting, which creates a credible perspective, whilst the central characters become people you easily identify with. It is remarkable how emotionally enmeshed you can become reading this book. Newlyweds of Convenience, is a tear-jerker, enchanting, and spicy, all rolled into one.

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