Friday, 6 December 2013

Kindle Romance: Trouble by Samantha Towle

Kindle Romance

Title     - Trouble
Author - Samantha Towle
Stars    - 5

Mia is hiding from a person, from a past she doesn’t want anyone to be aware of, anxious to live a life she can only dream of having.

Jordan likes life and his women to be laid-back, but he meets Mia, and she has more problems than any person should. However, the more Jordan gets to know Mia the more he wants to try for her, and then life isn’t so laid-back anymore.

Jordan is a swaggering bad boy, who gambles hard, and picks women in bars. Yet, Mia is falling for him. But the past that Mia hides from, catches up


Trouble is an astonishing story. It has that ephemeral must read quality that authors strive for. Trouble contains every emotion imaginable and more to spare, so hold on to your hats with this one.

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