Saturday, 7 December 2013

Kindle Romance: Broken by Kelly Elliot

Kindle Romance

Title     - Broken
Author - Kelly Elliot
Stars   - 4

Layton and Mike grew up with no water or electricity in their home, and no parents around to protect them.

When an accident takes Mike from Layton, Layton focuses on the ranch. The last thing Layton needs or wants is more heartache.

Whitley grew up in upstate New York and dreamed of a life with Roger living in New York City, but Roger is violent. One fateful day things go too far with. Whitley finds the courage to flee. Whitley was determined to put her past behind her and start a new life in the small town in Texas, where no one will ever find out about her past.

Will either of them learn to trust and love again, or will their pasts come back to haunt them.

Broken (Broken, #1)

Broken is a book that has a fragment of everything.... companionship, humour, cynicism, love, anxiety and a charming ending

The characters enjoy friendly and funny banter, and of course there are the obligatory through-the-roof sex scenes. Broken is full of laughing, crying, a red-hot cowboy romance, and a twist that will have you reeling.

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