Thursday, 19 December 2013

Kindle Romance: Spontaneous by Brenda Jackson

Kindle Romance

Title     - Spontaneous
Author - Brenda Jackson
Stars   - 5

Kimani realises she has problems the moment she spots the tall scrumptious male. The best kind of problem, too...

Duan turns out to be the ideal male; beguiling, attentive, and the best lover she has had, it’s just a shame he’s only a one-night stand. However, Kimani finds she needs a partner to her mother's wedding. Duan is willing to act the part of her fiancĂ©... as long as it means full reimbursements - more amazing sex. No dilemma, it’s a given.

Kim finds out that Duan's has a hidden agenda and she doesn't know what to trust. Her head warns her to be cautious, yet the pounding in her veins turns out to have more influence....

Spontaneous (Jeffries, #3)

Every moment of the book is enjoyable… and even brought tears to my eyes. Although I would appreciate reading more of this story, it ends impeccably, but best of all it has a complete ending and not on a cliff-hanger. I can recommend this book.

It was amusing, satisfying, and with an adventure, but not to the point that the mystery gets in the way of the romance - similar to the way Without Reproach by Ellie Jones is handled

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