Saturday, 28 December 2013

Kindle Romance: Tangled by Emma Chase

Kindle Romance

Title - Tangled
Author - Emma Chase
Stars - 5

Drew is gorgeous but egotistical. He creates corporate contracts and beguiles beautiful women just as easily. However, he has been securely bolted in his apartment for over a week, despondent and miserable? He says he has the flu…

Katherine is talented, stunning and go-getting. When she is appointed to Drew’s father’s banking firm, the flamboyant playboy’s life is thrown into turmoil. The rivalry she causes is scary, his fascination with her, confusing, and his inability to lure her into bed, absolutely infuriating.

Tangled is outrageous, fiery, and amusing. It is a story about a man who knows about women…but not as much as he believes. Drew discovers the one thing he didn’t want, is the thing he can’t exist without.
Tangled (Tangled, #1)
There is a special attraction between Drew and his Kate. They quarrel, squabble, and toy with each other. The verbal facade makes you crave for the charismatic lady-killer to get whacked by love.  

Tangled is a satisfying and sensual read, with some adorable amorous moments. The storyline is also very humorous.
An enjoyable read.

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