Friday, 9 March 2012

A Second Chance

Kindle Romance - book review

Author - Ellen Wolf
Title     - A Second Chance
Stars   - 4

A Second Chance: 
Jade’s organized life disintegrates after her engagement ends, leaving her in urgent need of a change of scene. Her best friend’s struggle with cancer makes it an easy choice to move to California.

Meeting Liam again after twelve years, only proves what she has suspected for a long time; the years since they last met haven't changed the way she feels.

Against her better judgment, Jade allows herself to get close to him, and is shocked to find that Liam carries a burden of guilt. As hopeless as it appears, retreating isn’t an option as she decides to fight for the man she loves. Will her love be enough to save Liam?

It is essential that a romance book allows you to fantasize, visualize and be glad when all ends well. It has to have the correct blend of realism and illusion. A Second Chance seems to have it in just the right amount.

The plot of A Second Chance is comfortable, with nothing too demanding or outrageous. I have to admit I prefer stories to have more dialogue, and I’m not a lover of too much introspection. This book had quite a lot of introspection and descriptive writing, but I realize other readers will prefer it that way.

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